Starport & Toshiba to Partner

Starport & Toshiba to Partner

Starport is excited to announce a partnership with Toshiba America Business Solutions.  This partnership will greatly improve the printer options and capabilities that Starport Technologies can offer to their customers.  The Toshiba Dual Mode Printers are a huge plus to the industry and should be evaluated by every major RFID encoding group.


Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc. (TABS) is a subsidiary of Toshiba Tec Corporation, a global leader in office printing and retail solutions. TABS provides multifunction printers, managed document services and digital signage for businesses of all sizes via nearly 300 authorized dealers throughout the United States, Mexico, Central and South America.  As part of TOSHIBA TEC’s continuing commitment to new technology available soon will be the ability to encode RFID chips using the four series printers.

To be able to meet the various standards and frequencies Toshiba TEC is offering the unique ability to use different readers and antenna on the same model.

For more information on Starport products please visit or contact Sanders Roth (

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