Press Release, September 30, 2009

Starport Technologies announces several new metal mount tag products. Specifications will soon be released on our web pages at You can follow our new offerings on the page,

One of the top performing on-metal tags on-metal available today – up to 50 foot read distance; leap frogs current tags reads and provides best performance-per-price value in the industry; specifically developed for large distribution and warehousing applications, features popular thin-as-a-coin profile size at 2.0”x 4.5”x 0.125” with an exclusive RFID inlay designed by KU and 512 bits of memory with the Higgs 3 IC.

Portunus II
Newly redesigned to deliver 30% better read performance reaching at up to 30 feet, same thin-as-a-coin size: 4.0”x 2.0”x 0.072”; exclusive KU inlay and 5 times more memory – 512 bits thanks to the Higgs 3 IC.

The world’s first on-metal tag that provides up to 30 feet read distance anywhere (860 to 960 Frequency). Same thin-as-a-coin size at 4.5” x 2.0”x 0.125”, plus an exclusive KU inlay and the Higgs 3 IC with 5 times more memory – 512 bits versus 96 bits.

Thin-as-a-dime, light as a credit-card and readable on metal from 30 feet away; created specifically for discretely tracking high value IT equipment and security applications. Tag size one-half the thickness of current tags – total dimensions 3.3”x 2.1”x 0.030”; another proprietary inlay from KU with 5 times more memory (512 bits versus 96 bits) due to the Higgs 3 IC.

RFID Professionals - Starport Technologies

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