Press Release, March 26, 2007

From EPCglobal North America: EPC ON MONDAY MORNING: Finding the EPC/RFID Sweet Spot and UHF EPC Gen 2 with Liquids/Metals.

TECHNOLOGY: Gen 2 Tag Applied to Liquids/Metals
The University of Kansas has developed a passive UHF EPC Gen 2 tag for use with metals and liquids. The KU-tag includes a rectangular micro-strip antenna and a foil ground plate with a plastic substrate that separates the foil from the antenna in the middle. The foil ground plate is a thin metal sheet that serves to isolate the antenna from any other metal or fluid that can lower the read range of RFID tags.

This announcement is significant in that it continues to make the application of RFID in these areas build out the application of EPC/RFID in liquids/metals applications. Several Solution Providers and Integrators have demonstrated success when applying Gen 2 tags, but there are challenges that still remain and work that needs to be done. The positive news is that the technology continues to evolve and solve what was thought to be unsolvable.

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