Tageos UHF/RFID Tags Background

Tageos UHF/RFID Tags Background

Tageos designs, manufactures, and sells globally patented 100% paper-based passive UHF RFID tags to address the item-level tagging needs of global customers in various industries.  Most of the RFID tags available today are based on technology that was state-of-the-art 3 decades ago.  Tageos spent years researching and developing a new method for producing RFID tags that fundamentally changes the components and the process, resulting in thin, flexible, eco-friendly, high performance RFID products.

As a company, Tageos’ culture is to always work to anticipate customers’ RFID tagging needs, always innovate to design the RFID products of tomorrow, and continuously improve our processes to provide high quality, cost-effective products to our customers.

Tageos Advantages

R&D, antenna design, and production all under one roof

  • Where the business justifies, Tageos can develop customized RFID labels with tailor-designed antennas and alternate tag silicon.

One of a kind, globally patented design

  • Thanks to its groundbreaking design, the Tageos 100% paper, passive UHF RFID labels have no plastic inlay. They inherently cost less, yet match or exceed the performance of plastic inlay-based labels

Eco-friendly Labels

  • A Tageos label uses 50% less glue, no plastic, and creates 90% less waste than traditional tags.

Tamper Proof Labels

  • Our 100% paper labels can easily be torn, making them ideal for anti-tampering applications.

Thinner labels = higher quality and more efficiency

  • No visible “inlay bump” when labels are printed.  Your labels will look their best.
  • More labels per roll – change rolls less often meaning greater printer up-time

Starport and Tageos Advantages

Combining Tageos’ innovative, all-paper design with Starport’s world-class label converting capabilities gives customers access to high quality, low-cost RFID labels and tags unlike anything else on the market.  Starport-converted Tageos products can address nearly any kind of application, from simple compliance or track and trace, to tamper evident use cases, to anti-counterfeiting applications requiring custom antenna designs.

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