RFID Jewelry Tags

RFID Jewelry Tags

With over 75 years of combined narrow web converting experience, the management team of Starport Technologies has engineered and assembled an RFID tag and label converting platform that allows conversion of industry standard jewelry tags into RFID tags.  Using the Alien Technology ALN-9710 inlays, Starport has started to focus on bringing the benefits of RFID to jewelry manufacturers and resellers.

Tagging Small Items

The ALN-9710 (Squig) inlay has a compact 44.5×10.4mm (1.75×0.41”) antenna size and utilizes the Higgs®4 IC. The Squig inlay approaches the performance of the well regarded Squiggle inlay in a smaller footprint which makes it ideal for tagging small items like gems & jewelry.


The value associated with jewelry in store displays, behind the counter and in storage makes them an obvious target for implementing some type of traceability, however their diminutive size makes this a difficult proposition. The new Starport Jewelry tags and labels enable performing inventory of these high value items on a regular basis with a handheld reader without having to remove them from the display case or storage lockers. Stock planning, replenishment and regulatory reporting is simplified with the enhanced accountability that adding RFID avails. In addition, point of sale tracking and losses due to shrinkage can be contained with the addition of a fixed reader at the doorway.

Adding the Starport Jewelry tag to your stores highly prized diminutive collection can reap substantial savings and generous profitability.

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