RE: Knocking Down Walls, Again!

RE: Knocking Down Walls, Again!

KANSAS CITY - Starport Technologies, manufacturers of a wide array of RFID tags and media, today announced the expansion of their operations in Kansas City, MO. As part of the expansion the company is acquiring a building with 30,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 5,000 square feet of office space.

“With this expansion, the company is planning ahead for continued rapid growth as one of the USA's top producers of quality RFID tags and technology. We are excited for the new opportunities that will become readily available after the expansion,” Sanders Roth, Vice President of Business Development, said.


The market for RFID Technology is rapidly evolving and more people are starting to utilize the convenience and effectiveness of RFID. By expanding, Starport Technologies is staying ahead of demand and increasing its capacity to provide a range of RFID solutions, including metal-mount tags and pressure sensitive labels. Starport distinguishes itself with technological advancements that address tag interference and read reliability issues, particularly with difficult applications involving metals and liquids.

The company has grown by more than 100 percent for the last five consecutive years, leading to the need for added capacity. This expansion will allow the company to fully support a sales team and continue its use of high-speed inlay insertion equipment. Included as part of the expansion is a new RFID converting platform, warehousing area, finishing room, and employee facilities. Starport Technologies is manufacturing into the future.

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