Press Release, Nov 5, 2009

Starport Tech Announces Ground-Breaking On-Metal Read Distance Feet with New Terminator UHF RFID Tag

Kansas City, Missouri – Starport Technologies, LLC. announces the successful development and testing of a new passive 915MHz RFID tag that proves consistent readability at a distance of over 50 feet. Dubbed the Terminator™, the UHF RFID Tag is 2 inches long, 4.5 inches wide and 0.125 inches deep, and features a proprietary antenna especially designed for Starport by the Information and Telecommunications Technology Center (ITTC) and the University of Kansas (KU).

According to Dr. Dan Deverours of University of Kansas, “Starport’s challenged us approximately 6 months ago to develop an inlay that would surpass the performance of any other on-metal tag on the market. Compared to the read distances reported in a highly-publicized Metal Mount Tag Benchmark Study, the Terminator™ Tag read distance exceeded each of the 17 tags evaluated by at least 12 feet.”

Starport Technologies is in the process of working with qualified System Integrators and IT Hardware Manufacturers to test the Terminator™ UHF RFID Tag for their asset tracking projects. Jeff Nedblake, Managing Partner of Starport Technologies exclaimed “input to date has been terrific not only about the Terminator’s read performance but also its superior quality and form factor.”

Starport Technologies, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, specializes in converting and producing reliable, durable and cost-efficient RFID supply-chain labels and on-metal tags. With over 75 years of asset identification experience, Starport has the technological know-how to address a variety of track and trace needs from pallets and reusable containers to item level packaging and fixed assets within metallic environments.

For further information on Starport Tech’s line of RFID UHF RFID On-Metal Tags including the new Terminator, Portunus, Adamas and Orion, its Item Level Tag the Orion Mini or their Supply Chain Label capablities, please contact Michael T. McGrail, Director of Sales and Marketing at 215-262-8371.

Starport Technologies, LLC
10601 NW Ambassador Drive, Suite H, Kansas City, MO. 64153
Office 816-891-9944 Fax 816-891-6790

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