New RFID Requirements Coming To Walmart –
Get The Best Pricing On New RFID Tags Now

All home goods, toys, sporting goods, electronics & batteries
must now be RFID enabled!

Starport Technologies makes compliant,
affordable RFID tags here in the USA

Walmart in now requiring all home good items, toys, sporting goods, electronics, and batteries to be RFID enabled. Starport Technologies stocks a wide range of products that cover each category of goods. If you are having any issues sourcing the related tags, labels, or printing services please reach out to our sales team.

We offer a full suite of services depending on your needs, including direct label shipment, printing and encoding – all meeting the needs required by the retailer and at some of the best prices in the industry. Call us today for a hassle-free quote.

Please call us at (816) 891-9944 with your questions & to source RFID tags with some of the industry’s best pricing & service!

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Walmart Rolls Out Additional RFID Requirements

We are a third-party vendor of RFID technology and are in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Walmart – but, we can help you meet the company’s RFID requirements. Call us today to get details on how you can get your product tags compliant with their requirements, and get a free quote to fit your needs.

Get All The Details – Click to See New Requirements Below

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