Supply Chain RFID


While RFID is now used in a broad range of applications, emphasis is shifting increasingly to usage in the supply chain. RFID can have a significant impact on every facet of supply chain management—from the ordinary, such as moving goods through loading docks, to the complex, such as managing terabytes of data as information about goods on hand is collected in real time.

Our RFID Label services include:

High Frequency 13.56Mhz Ultra-High Frequency 902-928Mhz RFID technologies, including HF, UHF and NFC
Film vs Paper Media facestocks, from low cost papers to durable films
Registered inlay placement, particularly important in post printing operations
    LabelsFanfoldRoll Roll, fanfold or singulated format
Label size and shape to accommodate a variety of inlay sizes
Adhesives Adhesives, to adhere to different surfaces, permanent or removable
  Printed Labels Pre-printed labels, up to 6 color process
  RFID Encoding Printing and encoding options

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