Starport Technologies, LLC., provides a wide range of Long-Range RFID asset tracking tags, metal mount and supply chain applications.

Terminator Series

Terminator Tag – Our newest addition to Starport Technologies’ line of UHF RFID metal mount tags. It resembles the other tags with its unmatched thin-as-a-dime form factor, but with up to 100 feet read distance on the RFID adverse surfaces especially metals, liquids, and glass – the best performing UHF RFID tag on the market today. Read more

Terminator Hard Tag – We have taken the best tag, the Terminator, and encapsulated it in an ABS material and sonic welded it to ensure a waterproof tag that can withstand harsh environments. Read more

Allied Series

Allied VX-Mid – Engineered to withstand demanding industrial environments, the Allied VX-Mid is a mount-on-metal UHF RFID tag that ensures accurate readings for yard management, manufacturing and more.

Alled VX-Mini – Response to the first Allied Series tag, the VX-Mid, was extremely positive, and our customers wanted more.

Sentinel Slim – The Sentry Slim RFID tag is a low-profile, high performance mount-on-metal tag that delivers excellent read range in the compact size required for tracking IT networking equipment, servers in data centers and more.

Sentinel 1005 – The Sentry 1005 is a very small footprint, mount on metal tag that provides the read range and low profile desired for use on small tools, wapons ans slim IT assets.

Sentinel 06D – The Sentry 06D is a tiny UHF mount on metal tag that provides extraordinary read range for a footprint of less than 0.05 square inches.

On or Off Metal

Sentinel Duo – The Sentry Duo is a rugged, compact RFID tag that provides the performance and versatility required for IT and office asset tracking, laboratory equipment management and more.

XLR – The XLR provides exceptional long-range asset identification performance in a sleek, compact and durable package. It’s the ideal cost-effective alternative to active RFID tags for military asset tracking, cargo and container tracking, yard and fleet management, and pallet tracking.