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Journal Live!

By May 6, 2019 No Comments

Starport Takes On Journal Live in Phoenix, AZ

In business, online events have not replaced the valuable face-to-face time you receive at trade shows, seminars, and conferences. In-person events require a bit more time, effort, and cost rather than joining a free online webcast. Due to this fact, Starport Technologies exhibited at RFID Journal 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona between April 2nd and April 4th to conduct direct networking and meetings in order to provide the greatest impact for building and fostering partnerships. We enjoy taking part in this event where we, as RFID experts, can support new initiatives, customers, and ideas in a significant way. While in Phoenix we were able to connect with a wide range of existing and potential customers. This year RFID Journal Live for us was a success. In this technology age, always being able to be in contact hasn’t replaced the true values of face-to-face interaction that help foster friendships along the way.

Exhibitors for our booth included Eric Brown, Dalton Lightner, and Sanders Roth.

We had the pleasure of some joining us for dinner to discuss the future development of RFID.

There is nothing like forging relationships with people that will last a lifetime.

Eric was in crab leg heaven!