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Most durable tags

One of our most durable tags that can withstand the impact of a harsh environment. Promass – An absolute rugged RFID tag designed specifically for tagging objects under extreme conditions. With its full metal jackets as the best protection to the tag embed in, Promass can be used at almost everywhere with no limitation whatsoever, it is perfectly suitable for oil and gas industry, tracking all kinds of equipments outdoor, and resists high temperature and pressure.

Starport Technologies can help you find the perfect tag

Starport Technologies, LLC., provides a wide range of asset tracking tags, metal mount, and supply chain applications. In addition to the physical RFID tag, Starport also offers RFID testing, labels, portals, readers, antennas, label applicators, pallet applicators, process re-engineering and RFID encoding services.

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RFID tags are often seen as a replacement for barcodes, with significant advantages over barcode technology. The data capacity of an RFID tag is big enough to allow each tag to have its own unique code. Current bar codes are limited to a single type code for all instances of a particular product. With an RFID tag a product can be individually tracked as it moves from location to location through a process, or through the supply chain.

Competitive Services

Using our specific operating and business strategy, we are able to provide some of the most competitive pricing available within the RFID market. As an approved converter for the top three RFID inlay manufacturers – Alien, Smartrac, Avery Dennison – we are able to provide many customers with lower costs than directly purchasing a converted RFID inlay from the inlay manufacturers.

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