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RFID Pot Stakes – RFID Tag

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Product Summary Sheet

Starport Technologies is now producing a durable, thermal-transfer-printable RFID Pot Stake. The 20 mil styrene RFID Pot Stake, that can be printed with a modified Zebra thermal transfer printer, is proving itself at sites across the globe.

Revolution of IDeas

Many nurseries grow seedlings and sell them to wholesalers and retailers that, in turn, raise the plants until they are large enough for the consumer market. During busy seasons, some companies typically sell as many as 30,000 trays of seedlings per week. Many of these nurseries are now employing RFID to track seed-sown plastic trays as they move through company greenhouses. This technology improves the tracking of inventory and helps expedite the shipping of seedlings to customers.

Without RFID the process of growing the seedlings and preparing them for shipment is daunting. Nurseries often plant approximately 20 percent more of a product than they require in order to account for loss during the growing process, thus making it that much more difficult to track the product. Because it has a short shelf life, much of the product excess is often discarded. In addition, identifying which types of seedlings are on any particular tray can be hard to do simply by looking at them. Some nurseries use bar-coded labels to track their trays. RFID, where implemented, has proven to be a great deal more efficient compared to standard barcode technology. 1

Advantages of RFID

  • Multiple tags can be read simultaneously at high speeds, meaning faster, more reliable verification and inventory numbers.
  • Line-of-sight is not necessary. Tags can be read through non-metal objects such as vegetation, boxes, and plastic trays.

Benefits for Customers

  • The use of RFID in conjunction with software mitigates errors at time of packing and shipping.
  • During packing, trays are identified electronically using RFID antennae, so only the correct trays can be packed for a given order and incompletely packed orders are immediately spotted and corrected.
  • Box contents labels are printed and placed on each box, along with tracking numbers for shipments. Advance shipment notification is sent directly to the broker’s office, and to the customer via email. Everyone knows what is being shipped and when it is scheduled to arrive. Tracking numbers are immediately available for FedEx shipments.


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Fun Facts About RFID Technology

fun-facts-about-rfid1. The Vatican has been using RFID to keep track of more than 2 million ancient manuscripts in the Vatican Library.

2. The smallest RFID tag is manufactured by Hitachi. It is .01 inches square.

3. In some areas of the UK, some towns have adopted RFID to track the amount of waste each household throws out each week. The tags are in the garbage, and are called “bin bugs”.

4. The FDA has approved the use of RFID to track blood.

5. RFID tags are used to find lost golf balls.

6. Some RFID tags can accurately be read at under negative 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

7. RFID tags were initially invented by a Soviet spy.

8. Next time you head to Disneyworld, you will likely be using RFID to open your hotel room, pay for food, and receive pictures of all the fun you had at the happiest place on earth!

9. Embedded RFID sensors will likely be an integral part of driverless cars.

10. A company called Nutrismart has created edible RFID tags. The idea is to let people see exact nutritional numbers of what they eat. Literally putting data into the food you eat.

11. With bee populations dwindling around the world, scientists are using RFID tags to track bee migration and population.

12. The NFL uses RFID tags to procure futuristic statistics from their players. It’s called “Next Gen Replay“.

13. RFID technology is being used to protect nature including monitoring the whereabouts of endangered animals.

14. Scientists rely on RFID to infiltrate the close huddles of penguins in Antarctica. How? Remote control RFID readers disguised as a little cute penguin!

15. NASA currently has an extensive RFID program to make sure everything astronauts will need in space is with them when they take flight.

16. In 2006, game manufacturer, Mattel, created a game console called HyperScan. RFID tags were used to store a user’s data. It was an ambitious venture, but ultimately a commercial failure.

17. In 2007, a Korean McDonald’s became the first restaurant to offer an RFID enabled payment system VIA flip phones.

18. Riding on the subway in New York City will be reliant on RFID technology. The New York MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority), plans to phase out their current MTA cards that you must swipe at turnstiles in the coming years, and replace them with RFID enabled cards. Their projected goal to start using smartcards is 2019.

19. At the Milanese Ar Museum, RFID technology is used to enhance the experience of museum goers.

20. Sick of waiting for your bartender to pour your drink of choice? Well self-serving beer stations may be the next big thing at bars and stadiums. And, the payment solution for self-serving beer? RFID.

21. Sorry kids, schools in and around Cincinnati have adopted RFID to make sure kids are getting to and from school. Kids have to check in, so no more sneaking into school late!

22. The internet of cows? Many cattle ranchers are currently tagging cows with RFID tags in order to track the health of the cow, and to know if any cows are sick.

23. RFID + ice cream sounds like a delicious combination. At Izzy’s ice cream in Minnesota, they use RFID to make sure their fans know which flavors are available.

24. Even the US Army uses RFID. From tracking parachutes to securing locations, America’s bravest rely on RFID to keep everything organized.

25. Passive RFID tags can be read from as far as 300 feet away.

26. There are many ways in which RFID can be implemented into the healthcare industry. RFID chips may one day be used to help manage the pain of patients suffering from chronic pain.
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New Product – the Piggy Back RFID Label

Piggy back construction is rather common, but rarely is it seen with RFID.  There are significant benefits to piggy back construction including durability and versatility.  Here is a good source of information.

Our piggyback labels are made from combining two layers, the bottom layer forms the backing for the top. The label can be applied to any object as normal, the top layer can be reapplied elsewhere. Often used on Express mail envelopes, inventory control, asset tracking, reminders, and quick references.  The Nested Polyester label is ideal for thermal printing and infield lamination.  The silicone varnish on the bottom later allows for an easy delamination of the top label.  Printing custom piggyback labels can be challenging – we have the experience to help you select the right combination of label size, materials, inks and adhesives.

Piggyback labels are multi-layer constructions featuring one self-adhesive label on top of another. The top label is removable and can be reapplied elsewhere, while the bottom label is stationary, remaining affixed to the original surface. Dynamic and versatile, piggyback labels can be created in constructions that adhere to paper, plastics, cardboard and metals. Top labels can be smaller than bottom labels for fast and easy removal, or they can be the same size with or without tabs for removal. Whether clear middle-ply features to reveal additional messaging or instruction… as image liner piggybacks offering the convenience of a pressure-sensitive document label with a carbon copy label… or for bar code scanning at checkout when items are too heavy to carry… there’s a piggyback to streamline processes and increase productivity.

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New Honeywell Performance Partner Program Welcome to Starport Technologies


Congratulations on your acceptance into the Honeywell Performance Partner Program! We are pleased to consider you a member of our growing and dynamic partner community, and look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Below you will find your Letter of Authorization into the Honeywell Performance Partner Program.  Over the next few days you will be receiving instructions and access information for the different Honeywell sites specifically available to our Partners.

Again, thank you for joining our Program.


 Starport Technologies

 Ref:  Letter of Authorization
Honeywell is pleased to advise Starport Technologies that your application has been accepted and your company has been granted Silver level status as an Honeywell Performance Partner Program Member, effective immediately.  This recognition provides Starport Technologies with the authorization to resell Honeywell mobile computing products classified in the Honeywell Price Guide.
Starport Technologies’s authorization is subject to the following:


· Compliance with all programs and policies of the current Honeywell Performance Partner Program.  As a member of the Program, you can request access to our Performance Partner Program website where you’ll find the Performance Partner Program Program policies to which you agree to comply. You must click on the tab to register for access to the site at Performance Partner Center. 

· Placement of a purchase order constitutes acceptance of the Partner Program Agreement located under Quick Links on the left side bar of the Performance Partner Center, click on Partner Programs, then Performance Program Partner Agreement. 

· Purchase of Honeywell products solely from an Honeywell Distribution Partner listed under Distributors on

· Sale of Honeywell products and services solely within the US and Canada.


We will be notifying all Honeywell Distributors of Starport Technologies’s acceptance into the Performance Partner Program and the approval to begin reselling mobile computing products and services.  To make purchases through any of our Distributors, you will need to have your Partner ID which is 783684.

This letter supersedes any previous authorization letter and serves as termination notice of any prior agreement on the subject.

In addition to the assistance an Honeywell authorized distributor can provide, please feel free to contact your Honeywell Channel Business Manager, Dan Taylor at or +1 913-747-8847, for further support.

Congratulations and welcome to the community of Honeywell Performance Partner Program Members.


Paul Lefebvre

Director, North American Channel Sales


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Starport Acquires Nashua’s RFID Division

Starport Technologies is excited to announce the acquisition of Nashua labels RFID division (part of Cenveo NSYE:CVO) on September 24th, 2015.  Starport Technologies is based in Kansas City, Missouri and is a RFID centric tag and label provider.  A spin off of Package Service Company in 2006, Starport Technologies’ management has over 90 years of converting experience.

IMG_1659As part of the acquisition, Starport increased its number of RFID converting platforms by acquiring an Omega 16” RFID converting platform. This unique converting platform was designed by, and manufactured by, ABGraphics Intl.  The converting platform houses a multitude of unwind and rewind stations. The platform is equipped with dual-axis servo driven rotary die cutting stations. The servo controlled rotary die stations allow for precise registration to RFID inlay placement and printed graphics. The array of rewind and unwind stations allow for the introduction of varying webs of face materials and unique transfers adhesives. Another capability of the platform is the ability to convert (dry) non-pressure sensitive inlays into individually die cut (wet) pressure sensitive inlays. This conversion of dry to wet inlays can be accomplished with or without a paper or film face.

Starport Technologies’ General Partner Jeff Nedblake states, “This acquisition is a direct result of our 80% average annual growth over the past four years and the overall growth of RFID adoption across the globe.  Starport’s RFID-centric approach has positioned us to become the go-to converter for challenging and high volume projects. We welcome Nashua’s customer base to our group and look forward to servicing their needs.  We are certain they will be very pleased with our delivery times and competitive pricing.”

Starport Technologies now has the capacity to produce over 4 million RFID enabled pressure sensitive labels per day.  Starport Technologies is an approved converter of the top three inlay manufacturers; Avery Dennison, Alien Technology, and Smartrac.  With millions of labels stocked for all types of printers, Starport Technologies can help your company investigate, evaluate and acquire competitively priced RFID tags for any application.

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