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New Honeywell Performance Partner Program Welcome to Starport Technologies


Congratulations on your acceptance into the Honeywell Performance Partner Program! We are pleased to consider you a member of our growing and dynamic partner community, and look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Below you will find your Letter of Authorization into the Honeywell Performance Partner Program.  Over the next few days you will be receiving instructions and access information for the different Honeywell sites specifically available to our Partners.

Again, thank you for joining our Program.


 Starport Technologies

 Ref:  Letter of Authorization
Honeywell is pleased to advise Starport Technologies that your application has been accepted and your company has been granted Silver level status as an Honeywell Performance Partner Program Member, effective immediately.  This recognition provides Starport Technologies with the authorization to resell Honeywell mobile computing products classified in the Honeywell Price Guide.
Starport Technologies’s authorization is subject to the following:


· Compliance with all programs and policies of the current Honeywell Performance Partner Program.  As a member of the Program, you can request access to our Performance Partner Program website where you’ll find the Performance Partner Program Program policies to which you agree to comply. You must click on the tab to register for access to the site at Performance Partner Center. 

· Placement of a purchase order constitutes acceptance of the Partner Program Agreement located under Quick Links on the left side bar of the Performance Partner Center, click on Partner Programs, then Performance Program Partner Agreement. 

· Purchase of Honeywell products solely from an Honeywell Distribution Partner listed under Distributors on

· Sale of Honeywell products and services solely within the US and Canada.


We will be notifying all Honeywell Distributors of Starport Technologies’s acceptance into the Performance Partner Program and the approval to begin reselling mobile computing products and services.  To make purchases through any of our Distributors, you will need to have your Partner ID which is 783684.

This letter supersedes any previous authorization letter and serves as termination notice of any prior agreement on the subject.

In addition to the assistance an Honeywell authorized distributor can provide, please feel free to contact your Honeywell Channel Business Manager, Dan Taylor at or +1 913-747-8847, for further support.

Congratulations and welcome to the community of Honeywell Performance Partner Program Members.


Paul Lefebvre

Director, North American Channel Sales


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Starport Acquires Nashua’s RFID Division

Starport Technologies is excited to announce the acquisition of Nashua labels RFID division (part of Cenveo NSYE:CVO) on September 24th, 2015.  Starport Technologies is based in Kansas City, Missouri and is a RFID centric tag and label provider.  A spin off of Package Service Company in 2006, Starport Technologies’ management has over 90 years of converting experience.

IMG_1659As part of the acquisition, Starport increased its number of RFID converting platforms by acquiring an Omega 16” RFID converting platform. This unique converting platform was designed by, and manufactured by, ABGraphics Intl.  The converting platform houses a multitude of unwind and rewind stations. The platform is equipped with dual-axis servo driven rotary die cutting stations. The servo controlled rotary die stations allow for precise registration to RFID inlay placement and printed graphics. The array of rewind and unwind stations allow for the introduction of varying webs of face materials and unique transfers adhesives. Another capability of the platform is the ability to convert (dry) non-pressure sensitive inlays into individually die cut (wet) pressure sensitive inlays. This conversion of dry to wet inlays can be accomplished with or without a paper or film face.

Starport Technologies’ General Partner Jeff Nedblake states, “This acquisition is a direct result of our 80% average annual growth over the past four years and the overall growth of RFID adoption across the globe.  Starport’s RFID-centric approach has positioned us to become the go-to converter for challenging and high volume projects. We welcome Nashua’s customer base to our group and look forward to servicing their needs.  We are certain they will be very pleased with our delivery times and competitive pricing.”

Starport Technologies now has the capacity to produce over 4 million RFID enabled pressure sensitive labels per day.  Starport Technologies is an approved converter of the top three inlay manufacturers; Avery Dennison, Alien Technology, and Smartrac.  With millions of labels stocked for all types of printers, Starport Technologies can help your company investigate, evaluate and acquire competitively priced RFID tags for any application.

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Starport Partners with MerchManager to Provide RFID Tags

With a goal focused on creating an affordable end-to-end RFID solution, MerchManager has developed its mobile RFID App platform on Android and iOS.  By leveraging smartphones and tablets we are able to eliminate the on-board computer historically a part of mobile readers.

Benefitting from the smart-device’s data communication methods, we removed the need to build a network infrastructure–processing and uploading data can now be done anywhere an internet connection is available.  And the smart-devices touch screen provides an intuitive user interface enabling users to begin utilizing the technology with little to no training.  Our approach has eliminated many of the costs of traditional RFID systems.

MerchManager can be used as a tool to furnish up-to-the-minute inventory data to your current system or as a stand-alone application for companies who do not have an existing inventory system in place.

By offering an end-to-end solution including an RFID Reader, RFID enabled printer, RFID tags and ribbon, as well as print software, users are equipped with all necessary hardware and software for complete implementation and begin using this impressive technology.

Among the benefits customers will see from use of the software include; faster restocking, decreased stock-outs, decreased shrink, decreased labor costs, and the ability to self-manage inventory.  Additionally customers have reported increased revenue due to their improved ability to load real-time inventory data directly into their eCommerce, Point-of-Sale, or other inventory system.

“Working with Starport Technologies has provided MerchManager with a valuable partnership.  Helping determine the right tag for our customers individual applications we are able to ensure them the highest possible read results.” – Stan, MerchManager CEO

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Starport Technologies Partners with TAGEOS

Starport Technologies LLC, is announce an exclusive partnership with TAGEOS.

TAGEOS is specialized in the high-volume design and manufacturing of passive UHF (860-960 MHz) RFID paper inlays across various industry segments.  Their breakthrough technology of a “linerless” dry inlay reduces manufacturing costs and is the first “green” RFID inlay.  With its efficient and ecologically sustainable manufacturing process – removing waste – together with its antenna-driven deigns  TAGEOS helps meets the quality and cost constraints that are critical enablers for faster RFID adoption.  Also, TAGEOS handles all of its label manufacturing in-house, from early-stage design (particularly antenna design) all the way to final packaging. This system provides clients with a solid quality assurance guarantee.

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Press Release, March 1st, 2011

Kansas City, Missouri — Starport Technologies, LLC. announces the successful development and testing of its new Terminator Hard Tag. This new tag has all the performance and read-range of our very successful Terminator Tag but in an encapsulated format.

“We developed this rugged version of our Terminator Tag because we have had several customers request a more rugged outdoor tag,” said Jeff Nedblake, majority partner of Starport Technologies, LLC.

For more information please contact Jeff Nedblake at (816) 985-9286 or you can use our contact email form.

Press Release, Nov 5, 2009

Starport Tech Announces Ground-Breaking On-Metal Read Distance Feet with New Terminator UHF RFID Tag

Kansas City, Missouri – Starport Technologies, LLC. announces the successful development and testing of a new passive 915MHz RFID tag that proves consistent readability at a distance of over 50 feet. Dubbed the Terminator™, the UHF RFID Tag is 2 inches long, 4.5 inches wide and 0.125 inches deep, and features a proprietary antenna especially designed for Starport by the Information and Telecommunications Technology Center (ITTC) and the University of Kansas (KU).

According to Dr. Dan Deverours of University of Kansas, “Starport’s challenged us approximately 6 months ago to develop an inlay that would surpass the performance of any other on-metal tag on the market. Compared to the read distances reported in a highly-publicized Metal Mount Tag Benchmark Study, the Terminator™ Tag read distance exceeded each of the 17 tags evaluated by at least 12 feet.”

Starport Technologies is in the process of working with qualified System Integrators and IT Hardware Manufacturers to test the Terminator™ UHF RFID Tag for their asset tracking projects. Jeff Nedblake, Managing Partner of Starport Technologies exclaimed “input to date has been terrific not only about the Terminator’s read performance but also its superior quality and form factor.”

Starport Technologies, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, specializes in converting and producing reliable, durable and cost-efficient RFID supply-chain labels and on-metal tags. With over 75 years of asset identification experience, Starport has the technological know-how to address a variety of track and trace needs from pallets and reusable containers to item level packaging and fixed assets within metallic environments.

For further information on Starport Tech’s line of RFID UHF RFID On-Metal Tags including the new Terminator, Portunus, Adamas and Orion, its Item Level Tag the Orion Mini or their Supply Chain Label capablities, please contact Michael T. McGrail, Director of Sales and Marketing at 215-262-8371.

Starport Technologies, LLC
10601 NW Ambassador Drive, Suite H, Kansas City, MO. 64153
Office 816-891-9944 Fax 816-891-6790

Starport Signs Enviro-RFID as Reseller

Kansas City, Missouri NEWS SUMMARY:

• Starport Technologies, the leading supplier of low-profile, passive UHF RFID tags, today announces a new value added reseller (VAR) agreement with CAN/U.S. ENVIRO.

• CAN/U.S. ENVIRO has a long-standing reputation of delivering quality RFID solutions for asset management and tracking, compliance, access control and portal validation solutions across multiple industries.
• CAN/U.S. ENVIRO will be selling the entire line of Starport Tech’s RFID offerings, and becomes the first VAR certified to resell Starport Tech’s UHF On-Metal RFID Tag, The Terminator™ with a read distance of over 46 feet.
• CAN/U.S. ENVIRO brings additional value to Starport Tech VAR roster by creating a partner ecosystem that meets customer demand for innovative, high quality and cost-effective RFID offerings packaged as a whole solution.

General Information

• For more information on Starport Tech, please visit:


“Can/U.S. Enviro is a known leader in our industry and fits well with our mission of bringing RFID innovation to a variety of markets,” said Jeff Nedblake, Managing Partner of Starport Tech. “We’re looking forward to working with CAN/U.S. ENVIRO as we jointly focus on moving the market beyond point products to delivering full solutions for customers.”

“We are always looking for strategic partners that deliver best in class solutions that bring real world value to customers, and Starport Tech fits that bill perfectly,” said Mark Shapiro, COO of CAN/U.S. ENVIRO. ‘The ability to integrate cutting edge solutions like Starport Tech’s tags that perform in a variety of metal and non-metal environments enhances our ability to deliver the complete innovative solutions that improve operational efficiencies.”

About Starport Tech

Starport Tech, based in Kansas City, Missouri, is a leading’supplier of passive, UHF RFID solutions. Through its patent-pending technology Starport Tech “cracked the code” to overcome the problems traditionally associated with RFID on-metal, enabling a broad range of new applications that improve accuracy and efficiency in asset tracking, supply chain management and work-in-process. For further information on Starport Tech’s line of RFID UHF RFID On-Metal Tags including the new Terminator, Portunus, Adamas and Orion, its Item Level Tag the Orion Mini or their Supply Chain Label capablities, please contact Michael T. McGrail, Director of Sales and Marketing at 215-262-8371 or visit the website


CAN/U.S. ENVIRO is North America’s only dedicated value-added distributor of RFID solution components and integrated solution. For further information about CAN/U.S. Enviro please visit

By Michael Saunders

Starport Technologies, LLC
10601 NW Ambassador Drive, Suite H, Kansas City, MO. 64153
Office 816-891-9944 Fax 816-891-6790

Press Release, September 30, 2009

Starport Technologies announces several new metal mount tag products. Specifications will soon be released on our web pages at You can follow our new offerings on the page,

One of the top performing on-metal tags on-metal available today – up to 50 foot read distance; leap frogs current tags reads and provides best performance-per-price value in the industry; specifically developed for large distribution and warehousing applications, features popular thin-as-a-coin profile size at 2.0”x 4.5”x 0.125” with an exclusive RFID inlay designed by KU and 512 bits of memory with the Higgs 3 IC.

Portunus II
Newly redesigned to deliver 30% better read performance reaching at up to 30 feet, same thin-as-a-coin size: 4.0”x 2.0”x 0.072”; exclusive KU inlay and 5 times more memory – 512 bits thanks to the Higgs 3 IC.

The world’s first on-metal tag that provides up to 30 feet read distance anywhere (860 to 960 Frequency). Same thin-as-a-coin size at 4.5” x 2.0”x 0.125”, plus an exclusive KU inlay and the Higgs 3 IC with 5 times more memory – 512 bits versus 96 bits.

Thin-as-a-dime, light as a credit-card and readable on metal from 30 feet away; created specifically for discretely tracking high value IT equipment and security applications. Tag size one-half the thickness of current tags – total dimensions 3.3”x 2.1”x 0.030”; another proprietary inlay from KU with 5 times more memory (512 bits versus 96 bits) due to the Higgs 3 IC.

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Press Release, March 03, 2009

Starport Technologies will be showing products at the RFID Live Show in Orlando Florida April 27th through the 29th. Please visit us at booth 929.

For more information on Starport Technologies, LLC, and our range of RFID products see us at

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Press Release, March 02, 2009

Starport Technologies announces our Orion “Mini” Tag. The Orion “Mini” tag has been engineered and developed to be the lowest cost metal mount tag on the market without sacrificing read range or performance. The Orion “Mini” has applications for asset tracking, item level retail, and many uses on metal and other hard-to-read surfaces.

You can read more information by clicking our products page for the Orion “Mini” Tag.

For more information on Starport Technologies, LLC, and our range of RFID products see us at

RFID Professionals  - Starport Technologies

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