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Starport Technologies is Knocking Down Walls!

Most competitive pricing available

Using our specific operating and business strategy, we are able to provide some of the most competitive pricing available within the RFID market. As an approved converter for the top three RFID inlay manufacturers – Alien, Smartrac, Avery Dennison – we are able to provide many customers with lower costs than directly purchasing a converted RFID inlay from the inlay manufacturers.

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Starport RFID Solutions is applying its expertise as an exclusive and leading manufacturer of pressure-sensitive labels to provide the finest in radio frequency identification (RFID) smart labels.

Our innovative method of inserting the RFID inlays fits seamlessly within that conversion process. And because we manufacture the RFID smart labels ourselves, we’re able to offer RFID media that will maximize performance and minimize costs.

All Starport RFID labels are produced using fully tested RFID inlays from trusted sources like Avery Dennison, Alien Technology, and Smartrac. Every label is certified and verified to be the highest in quality.

Contact: Sanders Roth – (816) 581-4671

New High-Speed, High-Volume RFID Label and Tag verification system at Starport Technologies

Starport Technologies has implemented a 99.9% accurate, High-Speed, High-Volume RFID Label and Tag verification system. We pride ourselves on being a “smart label” company and a premier provider of UHF RFID tags and labels. While our facilities produce up to 2 million labels daily, our first priority is to provide products which are high quality and are consistently reliable. Accomplishing this goal requires a cutting-edge facility with strict quality assurance standards and experts who are dedicated to providing efficient manufacturing processes.

In order to remain competitive and meet the ever-increasing demands of high-quality and high-speed RFID Label production, we recently teamed with the RFID experts at RK & GT Technologies to develop an in-line, high-speed RFID verification system which is capable of verifying up to 40 UHF RFID labels per second per lane. This system verifies each label, marking every individual tag and label that fails to read or meet the configurable RSSI signal strength values specified. This verification system mounts directly onto our RFID label conversion equipment and verification is performed in line, reducing the steps required to deliver 100% verified rolls.

“Increasing our accuracy and production rate for RFID labels and tags were top priorities, but this system offers other beneficial features, such as the automated reporting capabilities which logs and reports the readability information for each of the millions of RFID products we produce each week” states Sanders Roth, Vice President of Business Development. “Now we can deliver documented proof of our superior quality tags and labels with each roll that we deliver to our customers!” “We are also able to provide our suppliers with valuable information on the quality of the raw RFID inlays they provide us, giving them insight into their own inlay production. Plus, the application is simple and easy to use, which reduced our downtime due to training and production – it took only a few hours to train the entire team before we up and running”. This system is replacing an older system that could not keep up with our manufacturing demand.

RK & GT Technologies, LLC, located in Dayton, Ohio, is an RFID Technology company providing a full range of RFID products and solutions. RK & GT Technologies produces high-speed RFID label, tag encoding and verification systems which vastly improve production, delivering a 99.9% accuracy rate. With over 20 years of experience in the RFID industry, our experts have the insight to deliver successful cutting-edge RFID solutions. To learn more about RKGT Technologies, visit their website at




June Newsletter – RFID tracking

RFID tracking can be very useful and is extremely versatile as far as what it could be used on. However, there are some limitations, one of those being objects with metal surfaces. The metal causes noise and reflection issues with the signals to and from the RFID chip. Attempting to integrate an RFID device on a metal surface is very difficult and near impossible in some applications.

Recently Starport Technologies engineered and produced a combination RFID label/tag to address this need in the market place. The need is being able to encode and thermal transfer print an RFID pressure sensitive, adhesive coated label that can be applied to materials that aren’t conducive to RFID tracking. When using an RFID tag or label, it’s common to encode the RFID chip while thermal transfer printing a barcode or human readable characters on the surface of the product. The current RFID tag structures being sold into the market place for metal applications do not allow for encoding, thermal transfer printing, and application directly to the product. Starport’s new ‘SharkFin’ label allows for these possibilities, making it a superior Flag Tag solution compared to other products on the market.


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